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Why Body Snatchers?

Body Snatchers might not be the your first thought after hearing the phrase “girls’ magazine”, but that’s sort of the point. As we have decided to take “Medical” as the theme this issue and body snatching was a common practice … Continue reading

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The Life of Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley was AWESOME. But she had in many ways a very sad life and telling her story in a delicate manner, over only 2 pages has proved far harder than I imagined. Especially bearing in mind the age of … Continue reading

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Who are our Readers?

So who exactly are we making our magazine for? In my last post I mentioned that we were targeting a niche market. I’m not really sure if the type of girl we want to make a magazine is a particularly uncommon sort of girl; … Continue reading

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Girls’ Papers of the Past

Girl was a (somewhat unimaginatively named) 1950s children’s paper for girls. It was the sister paper to Eagle which contained famous comics like “Dan Dare” (which by the way was AWESOME and is one of my favourite comics ever. It … Continue reading

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Inspirational Blogs

A basic list of blogs and other web resources which may inspire the general look and feel of our magazine, they are mainly related to the maker movement, steampunk and Victorian romanatism.

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Positive Magazines for Girls

Although the main thing motivating us to make this magazine is the poor quality of existing girl’s magazines- it is worth pointing out that there are good titles out there. Here are a few we have looked at: Muse Image … Continue reading

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Of Horrible Histories…

“Horrible Histories” is a series of history books written and illustrated for children, with a focus on unusual, gory or unpleasant stories. Their aim is to make learning about History more interesting by concentrating on these aspects of it rather … Continue reading

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