Creating Clockwork Express…

During the first few discussions within the group, it was decided that we wanted to go down a more “comicbook” route of presenting the stories that we wanted to tell. Although I am an Illustration student, I felt the comic book idea was a good basis for a young girl’s magazine, as the story could be told simply, easy to follow and visually pleasing.

We then went on to discuss who should produce what kind of story for the magazine. Deciding that we needed an introduction for the two main characters, Lilian and Tweet, I decided to work on that.

However, when I started work on my comic pages, having not produced many comic pages before, I realised the sheer scale of time and patience that needed to go into them. I began with the idea of the central characters having tea in a teashop, with Lilian reading a medical journal. A man on a table behind her, seing this woman reading an educated newspaper, would begin to mock how woman “should remain at their stations” and how Lilian “most likely doesn’t even understand the articles” in the medical journal. This is true of the time period in which Lilian is based, as women were typically not educated to the same extent as men during the Victorian era.

The sketch for the comic page.

The sketch of the comic page.

The set of comics was meant to end with Lilian confronting the man, making a clever comment, (while Tweet tipped a little salt into his tea), before she and her clockwork companion went on their way towards the Crystal Palace, the museum where the group decided Lilian worked.

However, producing only one comic page from sketch to full colour took me over a week, an by the end of it, I still wasn’t happy with it. I didn’t feel it held the same “handmade” quality that I felt the other two members of my group had, so I didn’t feel the work tied together well. Also, even though I had wanted the background to look like loads of Victorian patterns, I felt it ended up making the page feel cramped and “too busy”.

The coloured page.

So, after a small panic, I decided to change my concept for introducing the main characters into something simpler and more of an “all round” introduction, so it could be used for multiple issues rather then one.

I feel that if I wanted to look more into comics and creating comic pages, I’ll have to do a lot more research on them. This is something I want to look into.


About tarynwhittam

I'm a university student at Gywndwr University in Wales, studying Illustration. I have a variety of interests, including books, video games, movies and dancing.
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