Creating Clockwork Express Part 3

Designing the front cover proved to be a harder task then I first thought; I wanted to try and include each artist’s illustrations, but also contain the main elements and themes of the magazine. These of course bring Steampunk, Victoriana, time travel, a train, and the main characters. I began by following the design that the group had decided upon, including an image of the train, steam, and incorporating cogs under the title to link in with the “steampunk” theme. I also designed the overall poster to look like a old fashioned train poster, and the words “Anytime, Anywhere” to hint to the time travel aspect. However, I hit a problem when it came to incorporating an illustration by each artist. The cover became cluttered, and various necessary images (the train, for example) became obscured.

So, I decided to remove the other artists’ illustrations, and instead create three covers, each featuring one of the artists’ drawings of Lilian. I then went on to include her bird Tweet on the back cover, as well as adding the same cog design so that it tied in with the front cover. While creating this cover, Photoshop crashed so I had to make it again. I must always remember to save my work!

Cover featuring Charlie's illustration.

The first cover, featuring my illustration

Cover featuring Heather's illustration.


About tarynwhittam

I'm a university student at Gywndwr University in Wales, studying Illustration. I have a variety of interests, including books, video games, movies and dancing.
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