She Inspired: now in schools!

Today was an exciting day for the memebers of the She Inspired team, as it was our first day visiting a school to give our She Inspired presentation and involve children in some activities thinking about science and creativity. We, that’s Lilian (Taryn), Mary Anning (Heather) and Hypathia (Charlie), dropped in on St.Mary’s CP, Wrexham, and had a wonderful time meeting some really great kids with lots of curiosity and enthusiam! Dressing-up, drawing dinosaurs and recreating the solar system (as known to Hypathia!) were all lots of fun for us and the pupils. I’m sure they’ve all been inspired to make some cracking comics for our competion.

Mary Anning tells Lilian about life as a fossil hunter.

After some initial nerves, we can’t wait to do it again tomorrow!


About Princess Heather

Was born. Grew a short way up. Looks like an explosion in a rainbow factory. Listens to a healthy/unhealthy amount of ska. DRAWS COMICS.
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