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Was born. Grew a short way up. Looks like an explosion in a rainbow factory. Listens to a healthy/unhealthy amount of ska. DRAWS COMICS.

She Inspired: now in schools!

Today was an exciting day for the memebers of the She Inspired team, as it was our first day visiting a school to give our She Inspired presentation and involve children in some activities thinking about science and creativity. We, that’s Lilian … Continue reading

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Issue 2 Coming Soon

Taryn, Charlie and Heather are back! Make sure that you visit: Techniquest Glyndwr to find out about our current project to bring Clockwork Express into schools supported by Techniquest Glyndwr and Arts Council Wales. We’re all very excited to see ow … Continue reading

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Body Snatchers Colour

I’m not very happy with the way that this page has turned out. The original bullet points that I wanted didn’t work with the font size (you ended up with only two or three words per a line) so I opted instead … Continue reading

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A Portrait of Mary Shelley

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The Progress of Page 1

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Fashion Mistakes Colour

Not quite finished colouring, but thought this was a good stage to post my progress. Text to come! *UPDATE*

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Body Snatchers

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