The Progress of Page 1

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Fashion Mistakes Colour

Not quite finished colouring, but thought this was a good stage to post my progress. Text to come!


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Body Snatchers

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Fashion Mistakes

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Health Effects of the Corset

One of the pages that I am working on is about corsets, this is a way of getting something which many girls have an interest in  (fashion) into a magazine on the topic of medicine.   I considered working on this as a double page spread about the dangers of both corsets and high heels, but in the end  I chose to give Mary Shelley’s story 4 pages, so there wasn’t room in the 3 double page spreads required by the brief. (However if I am lucky enough to have left over time I would still like to make the high heels page.)


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Why Body Snatchers?

Body Snatchers might not be the your first thought after hearing the phrase “girls’ magazine”, but that’s sort of the point. As we have decided to take “Medical” as the theme this issue and body snatching was a common practice in the Victorian era I am going to do a “fact sheet” page about the subject.

I considered making this a double page in many of my early layout plans, but in the end I decided that it would take up a single page. The adjacent page will be on the topic of “fashion mistakes” and will either look at the ill effects of high heels, corsets or lead based make-up.

The fact sheet will mention:

  • John Hunter (anatomist)
  • Pauper graves
  • Extra security coffins
  • Body snatching in the eyes of the law
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The Life of Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley was AWESOME. But she had in many ways a very sad life and telling her story in a delicate manner, over only 2 pages has proved far harder than I imagined. Especially bearing in mind the age of our intended readers. I felt that it was important to talk about her childhood, because although there may not be much to tell about it in terms of “facts and dates” it is the part of her life that pre-teen girls are going to relate to the most. Some girls will have wanted to become writers, most girls have been lonely.

I also thought it was important to include her teenage pregnancy, as it is a contemporary issue that most people encounter within their circles of family and friends.

Children’s Encyclopaedia of Famous Britons

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